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"Carlos Feliciano, plays a convincing seductive Duke, with almost alarming ease and conviction, in fact. Suave to the core, Feliciano navigates the other characters on the stage with nuance, his more direct and clearer tenor voice the perfect vehicle of his ‘leading romantic man’ persona. In Act 3, Feliciano does high justice to the most renowned of the arias, “La donna è mobile” – “woman is fickle”, in an ironic embodiment of the Duke’s capriciousness in voice and action."

- Emily Cao, DC Metro Arts

"Puerto Rican tenor Carlos Feliciano lends his impressive talents to the role of the Payador."

- Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune

"The swell of emotion reached its height when, in the evening of April 12, Carlos Feliciano sang "Mexico, lindo y querido" - the song-hymn of any Mexican living outside their native land."

- Gabriela Orozco, Vívelo Hoy

"Raquel Winnica Young and Carlos Feliciano are the beautifully voiced singer-actors. His Payador is a storyteller with compelling presence."

- Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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